Sunday, March 22, 2009

New post SORRY I haven't been on in a while.

Well, TJ's doing great this week. Carlos and I went to Arkansas for my best friend's wedding as well as to see my father.
Tyler's Gtube ports popped off the day we got back, so I took him in to get it fixed and all is well now.
he's been showing ALOT more attention and playing with his toys and stuff more. He likes to tough ppl and things. which is AWESOME.

He's FINALLY on only 1 true med, his thyroid med, and a bunch of vitamins to help him gain weight.
I've got some new pictures to post and will add them soon.

TJ's wound is healing GREAT. It's nearly closed, and just needs a tiny bit of packing. I can't wait til it's fully healed. We've still got a while til his sternum is healed completely.

CPS is still giving us issues so I'm writing the worker a letter telling her to leave us alone, as well as not taking any crap from them anymore.