Friday, October 16, 2009

TJ update, baby mason too!

Well TJ is getting bigger, chubbier and more tempermental! lol. He's still saying dada, and signing mama. But recently he's decided he doesn't really like his teacher Wendy. He gets really fussy when she holds him to do therapies, and as soon as she begins to hand him to hubby or I he will shut right up and be happy. he tends to go from being very smily/happy to grumpy/mad in a heartbeat so we wonder if he's going to have his first tooth soon, it would explain some of the grumpiness!

TJ is attempting to crawl with help now, and is also better at sitting every day. he will hold your fingers and rock back and forth and side to side and just giggle and smile. His skin got REALLY bad for a little while there because we had a cold going through our home and him and I got it the worst. Whenever we get sick, or the weather changes our skin tends to get whacky so right as we were recovering from the colds, the weather cooled off so for a while there (just over a week) his skin would stay dry no matter what and within an hour after a bath would be all flaky again.

It's going to be such a blessing to be able to just give Mason a bath and be done with it, lol.

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Quick update on baby Mason: I had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and Mason has completely caught up in growth, my fundal heighth increased 5 weeks within 2 weeks and at my ultrasound at 27w he already weighed in at an est. 2lb 5oz so nice and big!!! 4 days ahead in growth also. And the sibling rivalry is already getting crazy with mason kicking and thunking TJ anytime I hold him.