Friday, September 18, 2009

Updates on TJ and baby Mason

Well we took TJ into the Gastro doctor's office for the first time since he was out of the hospital today.
We got the "OFFICIAL" ok for his therapists to start feeding training with him which is WONDERFUL. it's the first major step in getting him off his Mickey button.
he's 13 months old and weighed in at 14lbs 11oz and 25 inches long! he broke the 2 foot barrier, lol.
The Gastrointerologist wants us to begin using a new formula with him, something from the pedialyte brand but hubby was the one who took him in since I had to see my OBGYN today.
He wants us to begin giving TJ juice not only to help with him eating new things, but also to help with constipation.

Tyler has recently learned the meaning of NO, lol. He doesn't say it but will slowly shake his head back and forth if he doesn't want something. It is so cute to watch. He's also begun to say DADADADA and BABABA which is GREAT! Yesterday morning he was laying on my bed and I asked him if he wanted to be held, he shook his head no and about 15 min later when I asked again he threw his arms up really fast. If I am cleared by doctors to go we will be attending our local Buddy walk for Down SYndrome. we also plan to take TJ trick or treating (just our neighboring houses really) and he will be dressed as a "ninja baby" with a very safe, breathable mask on his face (just a "skimask" style hat made with very thin, breathable fabric)

a few nights ago we FINALLY got to see TJ sit in a shopping cart, we had a couple blankets around him but he was able to hold himself upright for about 15-20 minutes with just a couple short spells of tiredness where he didn't want to hold his head up. he's getting alot better at sitting as well, and will now use his ab muscles to pull himself up some if we are holding him in a semi reclined position.
TJ has also begun to throw tantrums, TRUE tantrums. He kicks and thrashes like crazy but will stop when I hold his legs (so he can't kick) and FIRMLY tell him NO, STOP FUSSING! (I don't yell it, lol)
The other day we had a funny situation where TJ woke up fussy in the morning and so hubby held him while we got his feeding stuff together (pump/formula/etc) and as soon as he layed TJ back down he SCREAMED as though he was being hurt. He wasn't, it was a tantrum, so hubby left the room and I patted TJ a few times to calm him a little, then walked far enough from his crib to be out of his eyesight. He stopped screaming and crying almost immediately. When I came to our room again hubby said "What did you do to get him to stop?"

He didn't believe me when I told him, but I showed him again later. he knew that his daddy didn't have his little game figured out so he was playing it for all it was worth.

update on baby Mason: Unfortunately my fundal heighth is measuring about 20-22 weeks and I'm 26 weeks along. We have an ultrasound scheduled for 1 1/2 weeks from now to see how HE is growing. With TJ I had IUGR and I kind of expected it with this baby as well since with my mom, she had it with ALL of us children (4 kids)
I've also been dealing with preterm contractions, and was in the hospital 4 times in the last week to get my contractions slowed/stopped. They would get 2-5 minutes apart, and were never regular %100 but definitely worrisome.
They did an FFN test today (fetal Fibronectin?) to see if I'll likely go into labor within the next 14 days. That would NOT be good. I will find out the results tomorrow. 3 of my visits to the hospital ended with a few hrs of monitoring and 2 shots of terbutaline each time, and 1 was with 1 1/2 hrs monitoring and procardia pills to stop ctx.
Good news is that my cervix hasn't changed really other than being about %50 effaced which I believe is fairly normal. The doctors told me that in their opinion, they think the contractions WONT lead to preterm labor/birth but are just a pain in the rear.

mason has been kicking and moving ALOT and each time they try to put monitors on me or use the doppler, he kicks the heck out of it since he doesn't like it. lol