Sunday, July 12, 2009

16 weeks pregnant/update on TJ

Ok so I STILL haven't gotten around to making a separate blog for this baby. What I think I'm going to do is wait til the amnio results come back and we know if it's a boy/girl and if baby is healthy... I'll do as I did with TJ's blog originally which is take what I've written on other sites and paste it together so that I have a fluid timeline.

I'm 16+ weeks pregnant and have my amnio coming up wednesday. I've been having an issue of nearly blacking out lately. I'll be walking around or standing and all of a sudden be dizzy/tunnel vision/far away hearing and start to fall over... so I have to lean on something or sit and splash my face with water. I also try to drink soemthing. but my dr's haven't told me if it's low blood suger, or heat or whatnot... i'm completely exhausted all the time too! lol.

Baby is moving around lately and I began feeling kicks and stuff at 16w mark a few days ago. I'll post about my amnio/level2 ultrasound after I have it.
my doctors also referred me to a pain management doctor to have them find a treatment for my back pain. So I've got to wait for that referral to go through.

TJ is doing well. We are working with a bumbo and little man can sign Mama now. We are fairly certain that he's teething right now. Because everyday he gets fussy for HOURS. the only thing that stops it is tylenol. We can feel 2 little bumps trying to pop up. One on his lower jaw one of the upper...

HUBBY GOT A PROMOTION! He's now DEPARTMENT MANAGER where he works. It's taken 2 years for him to get this position. It means a hefty raise and possibility of good bonuses every 2 weeks. (like $250 extra)

So we are doing well!