Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teacher and therapies

Yesterday TJ's teacher came over for the first time in just over a month, since she'd been on a break.
She went to pick him up thinking he would be light, and had to stop and readjust for a better grip because he's so heavy! she was suprised. lol,

Then we played with him, practicing tummy time, reaching for things, etc. And she got out her Oball which is a toy used in therapy that has holes to make it easier for baby to grasp and is very light. At one point she had managed to shove one of those jingling cat toys into the Oball through alot of determination (because it had to stretch the hole enough to fit through but couldn't be small enough to pop out and choke some child)

Well TJ focused on that little jingling ball, and he put two and two togther, at least in his own little way.
He decided he WANTED That ball in there so he grabbed the Oball with both hands, and tried to stick his tongue thru one of the holes to get the little jingle one. it was SO funny, he had this determined look on his face as he kept moving the toy back and forth (to bring the smaller ball towards his face)

It was HILARIOUS!! My little man is getting so smart, it's unbelievable. This morning he let us sleep in nice and late (10:15am!) and when he woke up daddy made his food and then brought him into our room to snuggle while we had him hooked up to his feeding pump. He kept looking at me and studying my face (not crosseyed either, lol) and then just softly making noises and "talking"...
I can't wait to see how he changes and grows over the next few months before Mason gets here!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To blog followers! PLEASE READ

I wanted to thank all those following my blog for their support. Especially Joy and Claire! :) You all are wonderful and the prayers/thoughts and love were always felt during our tough times. It's amazing that we get to celebrate TJ's FIRST birthday, because there were days we thought he might not make it.

I'll be posting plenty of pictures of his birthday. Friday we will go out as a family, have dinner and take a small cake (and plenty of baby wipes!) with us to let TJ experience. We want to do this as a family, since there have been so many things we nearly missed as a family (christmas, thanksgiving, valentines day etc.) Then saturday we will have extended family and some friends for a small gathering just to do the cake thing and celebrate.

Thanks and I love you all!!!


SORRY! AND UPDATE! TJ birthday is FRIDAY Aug 14th!

So things with the baby are going well as well as with TJ. I apologize for not making the blog for Mason.

WE found out we're having a BOY his chromosome analysis came back NORMAL, and we find out in a few weeks if he has the skin disorder. He's growing and kicking and i'm almost 21 weeks now.

Recently TJ started LAUGHING, not just smiling. He's about 15 lbs now, and growing fast. He's learned to act out when daddy comes home. He'll thrash around and laugh til someone pays him attention, then when daddy goes out to work again from lunch, he will fuss for a couple hrs!

TJ also can now sit only semi supported, with just a chair or something behind him. Thanks to the bumbo we've used for about 6 weeks. He's more verbal but still no words. :)

If you know my myspace and would like to see video of him, it's, just send a friend invite and lemme know where your from (blogspot, babycenter, medhelp, etc..)

I'll be getting up the new blog as soon as possible!>

UPDATE!! TJ WILL BE A YEAR OLD ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Thanks to all our friends who've been with us through the entire ride with him. WIthout you we wouldn't have made it!