Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm gonna have 2 blogs! Baby #2 is due in Dec. 09

This is TJ on Easter! SO CUTE..... and below it the BFP I got yesterday!

I found out yesterday that DH and I are expecting baby number 2. As of right now based on LMP I'm due Dec. 20th a day after my little brothers birthday.

I plan on starting a second blog to add as soon as the pregnancy is verified as viable. I tested on CD 25-32.... the night of CD31 I got a negative. The next morning for no particular reason I took my last test... It was a Digital EPT... I got a positive. We are super excited.

We want TJ to have a sibling close in age to him. We feel that he'll have a friend to play with as he grows up and so will his sister or brother. Also we hope that he'll be challenged to learn more. I have tried to NEVER mentally place limitations on what I think TJ can and will be able to do. He already is learning so much. (he knows to fuss if he wants attention!) and a bunch of other stuff. Health wise he's doing GREAT. his chest is healed up, he got a Mickey button a couple days ago. and he's gaining weight!)

We are really hoping for a daughter, and after this baby I'm getting an IUD for 4 or 5 years. Then we'll have 1 more.

The Genetic counsellor told me when I got my positive amnio results for down syndrome with TJ that I have a 1/100 chance of D/S now.

HOWEVER~ I was also told that it's very rare to have 2 babies with D/S unless you have a translocation. That form of D/S has around a %25 chance.

So far I'm only considered 4 weeks along (actually 2 but they count you as being pregnant from the day of your last period) I get my blood test results back this afternoon to get my exact levels.

Unfortunately when I called the OBGYN's in my area they told me that since I was so high risk with TJ (I personally had dehydration and HG. but they count me higher risk because of TJ having D/S and EHK)

They said that they'd just refer me to MFM at loma linda. (maternal fetal medicine)

So When I went by my Primary Dr.'s office yesterday for the paperwork I asked if he could just refer me instead of waiting for an obgyn to do it.

DH and I are excited but nervous because with everything that happened with TJ. We're praying that we get a happy, and healthy baby. We will love this baby just as much as TJ and I do NOT plan on playing favorites with them!

So far I've delt with HORRIBLE bloating, and some mild cramping as my main symptoms... also I've been running warmer than usual even tho I have no fever. (Carlos actually noticed it a couple days before my bfp)

I am starting this pregnancy out as healthy as possible. I'm taking only tylenol for headaches and backaches unless my OB tells me other wise or finds a safe treatment for my back.

and I'm taking extra calcium, 1mg folic acid, iron, and prenatals(normal amt) because with TJ my calcium was depleted as well as some of my other minerals and vitamins. I'm also trying to drink more water starting right away.

After this post I'll have 2 blogs going, 1 for TJ and one for this pregnancy and the baby.

Keep my family in your prayers that we can be able to welcome a healthy baby into this world.

Because as long as this child is healthy, Carlos will only have to take 1 maybe 2 weeks off work, and we'll be able to actually SURVIVE the holidays. :) last year he took 7 weeks off and wound up not getting paid for ANY of it due to a mix up with his disability coverage. And I'll continue receiving income too. We wanted to be sure we were prepared for this next baby before we have him or her (HOPEFULLY HER)

Thanks and I hope all of you will continue to follow this blog as well as the new one! I'll start that in about a week or so!