Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SORRY! AND UPDATE! TJ birthday is FRIDAY Aug 14th!

So things with the baby are going well as well as with TJ. I apologize for not making the blog for Mason.

WE found out we're having a BOY his chromosome analysis came back NORMAL, and we find out in a few weeks if he has the skin disorder. He's growing and kicking and i'm almost 21 weeks now.

Recently TJ started LAUGHING, not just smiling. He's about 15 lbs now, and growing fast. He's learned to act out when daddy comes home. He'll thrash around and laugh til someone pays him attention, then when daddy goes out to work again from lunch, he will fuss for a couple hrs!

TJ also can now sit only semi supported, with just a chair or something behind him. Thanks to the bumbo we've used for about 6 weeks. He's more verbal but still no words. :)

If you know my myspace and would like to see video of him, it's, just send a friend invite and lemme know where your from (blogspot, babycenter, medhelp, etc..)

I'll be getting up the new blog as soon as possible!>

UPDATE!! TJ WILL BE A YEAR OLD ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Thanks to all our friends who've been with us through the entire ride with him. WIthout you we wouldn't have made it!


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