Sunday, February 7, 2010

life with 2 boys!

ok so I'm VERY Sorry I hadn't posted in several months but it's been a whirlwind of action!

TJ's been great and eats a tub of babyfood at each feeding so we have lowered his dose on his mickey button. Mason was born 12/9 at 602 pm weighing 6lb5oz via repeat csection. I had known labor was coming or starting because I had ALOT of BH Ctx that weren't going away about 2 days prior to me going to the hospital. Even fluids didn't slow or stop them so the day I went into the hospital (37w5d) I made sure not to eat the night before or drink anything that morning. I went in and was fingertip dialated and contracting regularly about 3 min apart. They gave me 3 liters of fluid and that didn't stop or slow the ctx. they also gave me a medicine that made me a bit dizzy but didnt help with my pain.

I BEGGED Them to do my csection and said "i'm ready, you don't even have to wait for 12 hrs to be sure i havent eaten"... I had also carefully tapered my dose of pain meds for my back (oxycodone) 2 days before that and when mason was born I hadn't had ANY in about 24 hrs.

when the doctors tried to place my spinal they kept hitting the nerves where my back is injured which HURT so they had to place the spinal a space or two higher up than normal which SUCKED (they had to place it 3x til they hit the right spot) when they laid me back I got very dizzy and didn't want to scare DH by saying I was going to black out so I calmly told the nurses that I was really dizzy. they upped the head of the bed a bit and i was ok again.

He was great and breathing with a little dificulty but had no withdrawals at all. this experience was SO different from my first one at the hospital and it was harder recovery wise. they ended up putting me on a dilaudid drip for my 2nd night after the surgery to help control my pain and my mother acted like I was using it ALOT (you can push it every 10 min) because in her words "Everytime she looked at me I was pushing the button" but then the pain mgmt doctor came in and said "Wow, you didn't use this nearly as often as you could've. As a matter of fact you used it less than 1/2 the time".... which made me feel good.

The nurses refused to help me and told me id have to care for him myself (even the first night when I happened to be by myself) and I had to BEG to get the nurse to take him for 3 hrs so I could get a tiny bit of sleep since I"d been up 3 days and nights straight. I ended up that first night with mason snuggled against me and the hand rail on that side of the bed up.

all in all it was a good experience.

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