Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TJ update 1/28/2008

So tj didn't get to come home yet. He got another infection in his chest this one much more minor. Cultures revealed that it was staph, just like the kind we carry on our skin but it had invaded his wound. They're treating it with a round of 4 weeks worth of Vancomycin (spelling>?)

TJ's dropped to somewhere around 10+lbs, but the last few days when I was there he was doing great. He'd been playing with me and playing with his daddy when Carlos was around, and just generally driving all the nurses crazy. He's become somewhat of an attention hog the last few days, and if he doesn't get the attention he wants he pouts and cries. It's horribly cute. :) They're now talking of TJ coming home in a week maybe two. He's still showing alot of oral aversions, however two days ago with me working with him thruought the day he got over his oral aversion at least for a while. I could stick a pacifier in his mouth without him gagging. But he'd just chew on it. Now that he's been off the ventilator for a while hes showing so much more of his personality~ He's been making good progress with physical therapy as well as Occupational therapy!

There's still a very good chance he will come home on an NG tube or even possibly a "kangaroo Pump". So, now I guess they're talking a week or so,. None of understands why they don't send him home if RSV is running around the hospital and he can be sent with a PICC line in place anywayse


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