Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BIG UPDATE: 2/11/2009 GTUBE!

So TJ's doctor at the hospital called me this morning regarding the Gtube.
She said they DID get his pediatric dermatologist in there to evaluate his risk for infection, and the derm. said that with her experience with the skin condition, that she thinks a Gtube would be alright.She said that it will allow him to get more nutrients, and to grow more efficiently, and that we'll just have to monitor it REALLY closely for any infection.So when they told me that she'd come in and consented also I went ahead and gave consent. They promised me that they'd keep a super close eye on him for infection.
Also, the woman from CPS called me and told me that Next week after the holiday she's speaking to her supervisor to tell her that she reccomends they shut down his case.She said that after her evaluation she sees NO signs of neglect in any way, so she doesn't see any problems.
Turns out also that she didn't know the social worker from the hospital who originally reported us has been asking everyone I know so many personal questions about me and my family. Including about our finances (not even general questions, actual really personal questions about what exactly OUR money goes on. They aren't even questions regarding TJ's care, expenses...e tc)
She advised me to just make sure I don't have any more clashes with the staff and to "keep my nose clean"
She told me that to her, the social worker from the hospital has it out for me, and is just TRYING To find something on me so she can report it. And that's it. She thinks that everything is fine and that they will be closing the case soon as long as they can get the dr.'s records from the hospital.
So all is fine, and she thinks it's great that TJ will most likely be going with us on vacation to meet his grandpa and his great grandparents.
I am pretty happy that things have turned out ok. and as long as TJ's Gtube area heals well he'll still be coming home on the 17th or 18th when his antibiotics are finished.

I'll add more when I get pics of TJ and his new Gtube tomorrow. :)

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  1. That is great news!!! Good luck with bringing him home. It must be a great relief to finally get to have him back in your home and your arms!