Sunday, February 8, 2009

TJ's Coming home next week!!! I NEED Flying/Traveling Tips!

Ok, so according to everyone (including CPS) TJ is all set to come home next week! it's great!!

However, other than that, if the doctors give us the go ahead to travel to Oklahoma in March (11th-18th) then we will.

I'll be speaking with his doctor on Monday about it. they also want to place a Gtube but I'm saying no until they can get a consult with his dermatologist simply because he's ALREADY so immunocompromised that he can't just go, get one and go home... our luck he'd get another bad infection requiring CPS to be called AGAIN and for him to go back to the hospital for another 2 months.

Anywayse, he's learning to suck from a bottle with speech when they do therapy. (he WANTS to suck now when he gets hungry. he starts sucking on his lips/hands/my hand...etc, and he'll lick his lips til he gets his feeding thru NGtube)

So, as for the Gtube til they get a consult I'm NOT signing the paperwork... and he's been on an NGtube for a while... I know how to easily handle that. I've been trained (as have my hubby and mom) to place it and check placement and feed and give meds thru it. They trained me before he was released from NICU 5mo. ago.


So far, i've got plans for meds, an emergency doctor if need be. but other than that I'm stumped!

I'm going to call americanairlines about setting up some travel arrangements, and ask some questions... but I need tips from you moms!

What should I pack for emergencies? (other than extra meds)

How much formula should I bring (not mixed...)
What about diapers/wipes?

Extra bibs?



What kind of stroller can I travel with? My own that is Grayco? (it's the fold down type, you twist the handle, push a button and it folds down)

Can I bring my carseat that goes with the stroller?

(I know it has to be FAA approved)

Anything would be helpful!!!


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