Friday, February 20, 2009

Praise REPORT!!!!! TJ's Coming HOME.

This is TJ on 2/19 playing with his feet. He had been trying to reach them all day and had also been rubbing his feet together and pulling them up... so his daddy helped him and he finally grabbed on.... see the look of determination?
Guess WHAT?!?!

After 3+ long months in the cardiac ICU, many tears and heartache.....

TJ comes home MONDAY 2/23! lol. It's 4am here and I woke up and can't sleep because I'm so excited. They have even given him the go ahead to go on our trip to OK/Arkansas. He's gonna be on some medicine pumps for his picc line (Antibiotics) until the 26th and we may be going back to an NG tube because his Gtube is getting infected looking. ( TMI: to me it looks like my belly button piercing did when it rejected the belly ring with a bit of dying tissue)

So they're getting Dr. Golkar (his Dermatologist who has experience with our skin problem) in ASAP to decide if it stays or goes. and they are gonna teach me/hubby/ and my mom how to do the dressing change on his Picc line and wound, etc. They have already begun the discharge process and barring any unforseen complications they are sending him home on MONDAY lol.I wanted to update my blog (can't find my camera to upload my pics... darn it. and thanks so much for all the prayers and well wishes.


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  1. Congrats! Glad to see that the lil guy finally gets to come home! May he continue to recover fast!

    Take Care!