Thursday, February 5, 2009

Support! The hospital called CPS on me for personality conflicts with staff and other stuff...

Ok ladies, I need advice BIG TIME. You may know my whole story if you've followed my blog/pics... etc. See, according to the social worker at the hospital, I've acted suspiciously from side effects of a medication on a time or two while being at the hospital (due to back pain and pain management, they are trying to find something tha'll work before they start shots or something in my back.)I NEVER held or helped with TJ during any time I had any side effects. and according to my dr. I had to take the med at a certain time each day. I've been working to find other meds that work without any side effects and that are safe to take and work in small doses...(so I could get off quickly if need be due to any reason.) Well, the social worker from the hospital has asked for my medical records, and pharmacy records which I got copies of , and signed releases, no problems. I've not done anything bad. But due to personality clashes with a charge nurse and a couple nurses who wouldn't have me help with wound changing (even tho, apparently they are sending him home next week.... IF the do.) *they actually leave me in the room alone with the nurse watching the OTHER baby in the room with him, while sitting outside.... doing NOTHING to help me out or even offering support.
or other stuff, it's caused alot of issues (I've kept my cool and tried to either reason with them or accept what they tell me)they'd told me he'd go home in MARCH or late Feb. it was lies. CPS came by today, with a nurse, and GRILLED me infront of my mom regarding his skin care (for EHK) and his cares for him having down syndrome. welI (Gmom and me) explained everything, and even showed them his medicine preparations (color coded with 2 days worth. a normal day and emergency, with color coded baggies, instructions on time, doseage already prepared... etc.) so anyone could give him a med if I had an emergency and couldn't be home.
The nurse was HAPPY with me and said we've done a D*MN good job at keeping him healthy when he was home. But the social worker even asked me for a friggin drug test where I had to go to a place where addicts from the court systems usually go (not the kind work sends you to) and get WATCHED while I took the pee test! (I have NO issues with former addicts at all.... i'm happy if you've straightened out and I'd be happy to share stories and talk for support as my step dad died of an overdose about a year ago this march....They dont know of that.)
I did it happily, and we got a crib today (instead of a bassinet even tho he's only 10 lbs at nearly 6 months) set it up, and cleaned house. They come out next week and just told me if our house was clean, and his room was clean, and we were prepared for him to come home....we'd be good.
IDK, they make me feel like a bad mom. They consider me either uneducated or unexperienced even at this point in his life where he's been home for 9 weeks total, and we've cared for him for his first 3 months of life DAILY, and nightly.I'ts 4:30am and I can't sleep from the stress. AF is late due to it also (bloated....but day 31...test BFN which is fine at this point)
His nurse, and teacher from the Reginal center (sp?) are behind us because they have observed us in our home on a couple occasions...
They hadn't told me test results, or anything but told CPS he's coming home next week (I've called and asked 2x while cleaning up the house) all while it's cold and the arthritis in my back is HURTING bad. Icy hot, heat pads, ibuprofen, tylenol... the works to treat it. But nothing to really alter me mentally at all.
I want advice. my mom went thru this with me as a baby (similar reasons..young, special needs kid... etc.)and my grandmother was gone after also for me mom (same stuff as MY MOM).
They got me so upset I just cried for about 10 min. in front of them as I told them how we cared for him in the NICU for over a month and the nurses didn't even do anything because carlos and I did EVERYTHING but paperwork.
I'm crying now thinking of it. I need support and advice.........(or just kind words)...

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about all this!! I hope you got some sleep and are feeling a little better - both physically and emotionally. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but I'm amazed at how you're coping. I don't know if I could be as strong! I really hope that things get better for you, and SOON!! I'll be thinking of you! Rachel