Thursday, February 26, 2009

TJ is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TJ is home, and he's doing well. I'm not going on a whole lot of sleep but what I got was good sleep so I feel pretty rested.
I had to learn how to care for a picc line and was taught in an emergency how to put a new dressing. I had to be taught to clean the port for 30 sec. with an alcahol wipe.
flush w/saline (prefilled syring)
give his first antibiotic,
Flush again,
2nd antibiotics,
Flush again and flush with 2 ml's of heparin (from a 5 ml prefilled syringe)
He's also on some protein poweder and an Oil also.... And they gave me apump to use with his Gtube so we are using it at night, (he has an apnea alarm on, it'll ring if he were to throw up)
and it's already preset.
the REAL hard thing was remembering the A) apnea monitor, and B) how to do the picc meds correctly using protocol.
it turns out that IEHP doesn't pay for dressings for his chest but his nurse (FINALLY One who liked me) ordered a whole lot of gauze and Coban. They gave me a TON of supplies. Give me a bit to find my camera, since it got lost in the madness yesterday!
and I'll post the pics of his last days in the hospital and now here at home! lol Thanks alot for all the prayers!

The journey isn't over tho... it's only begun because he's not out of the woods yet AND he's not grown up!~


  1. YAY! Finally. I'm so happy for you all! I hope you're doing well, and I'm so happy that T.J. is healthy and home.

  2. I am glad that he is finally home and doing well. I do hope that continues...

    I am sure you will learn it all in no time flat and will do a awesome job!!!

    Congrats again!