Thursday, December 18, 2008

PICTURES (sorry they are not in order!) REMOVED pic of TJ in hospital

I NOTICED some ppl were having a hard time with the pic of TJ in the hospital so I removed it..... :) Happier times anywayse hu?

God mommie Sharonda B.

Nanni Susan (Daddies mommy! )

Hamilton Family Christmas 2008 (taken when TJ was 10 weeks old right before his OHS

Wonder of a baby TJ 10w old

PROUD Daddy TJ 10w old

First time TJ learned to play!

Auntie Angie (daddies Sister)

TJ approx 2 weeks post op (before infection! see how well his skin had healed!)

MAD TJ and new puppy Kratos! (1/2 pitt 1/2 Shepard dog is only 3 1/2 mo old there)

Mommies BFP with TJ! 1/7/08

TJ Big face! (taken approx 2 weeks before OHS)

TJ's first ever baby clothes from mommy and auntie angie!

approx 3-4 weeks before surgery (1 1/2 mo old) Chicken legs/arms!

SHHH I'm thinking!


I'm not too happy hu??

TJ on Ultrasound at around 31 weeks!

Uncle james and Aunt Rosa on their wedding Day 9/1/2006

TJ's true footprints gotten when he was about 2 weeks old and still in NICU

Grandma Karen (mommy's mom) and Great Grandma!

Mommy and TJ approx 6 days old

Grandpa Tim (RIP March 08) Auntie Kim and Grandma Karen

Proud Grandma and mommy (approx 33w)

Picture of paperwork showing Down Syndrome DX

Picture of actual Gene Kariotype (sp?) TJ


Mommy Approx 33w

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