Saturday, December 27, 2008

TJ Update 12/27/08 WEANING THE VENT

Well, Today we're all still sick and still trying to get over it. Some cold/congestive thing that's gone around our house like wildfire. But I called the nurse for an update. Til now each time they've tried to wean him off the vent he's had distress and they couldn't keep going. Well....

He's down to 18 resp. on the vent and they're going to 16! That's great since normal is around 24..> And they try to EXTUBATE at 10 or so!!! That's what the nurse told me. she said she doesn't know if they'll try to go lower than 10 or just try and extubate.

In regards to wound care.... They changed his dressing and for the first time he has NO INFECTION in there. she said it's all a great beefy red color which means the true healing can begin! YAY
His weight is now 4.5kilo's! So about 10 lbs! I'm just happy that things are looking up right now!


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