Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TJ update 12/17/08~ He needed a transfusion


Well, Today the doctors called us this morning. TJ's hemoglobin levels were down a bit, and between getting that message from my mom and waiting for the Dr. to call back (she was doing rounds) it was hell. I kept thinking.. Is he bleeding somewhere???

but nope, it just turns out that with the PICC line they believe he's had so many blood draws and all that he just can't keep up with blood cell production so they wanted to do a transfusion.
Also, they called because the lab needed to run an AIDS pannel on TJ to see if he has it (Carlos and I've been tested routinely just as part of the normal blood tests run each year) and we don't have it but he's already had one or two transfusions during the time of his heart surgery and right after he got back into the hospital when they first placed the PICC line.

So I had to give the OK on that. Thank god his lungs are sounding clear now. DH and I are very excited to go see him in this next day or so ( it stormed more today... has been for 3 days now, and I still won't drive in it.. california drivers are crazy!)

That's it for today, as far as I know his weight is still right around 9 lbs.


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