Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TJ update: 12/16/08

Ok, I just spoke to a doctor at the hospital where JT is (still stormy off and on here. The doctor said they’d even closed some highways yesterday as far as she heard)
They ordered an immunology consult because not only does he have the really bad skin infection/wound infection but also a bone infection they believe. She said that he’s on all the right antibiotics and his body is slowly responding to them, HOWEVER… the would actually isn’t healing.. So the nurse was wrong or was maybe wanting to give me a little hope. They don’t’ consider fibrin production healing…
She wants to know why he got these infections to begin with, if he maybe has some immunological disease of some sort so they’r running a complete blood test to see if he has any.. (maybe dificiencies of certain either cells or enzymes in his body) but his WBC is good (still high I believe above 10) and Hemoglobin levels are fine also.
He’s also still on the ventilator.
I’m doing laundry right now in prep for staying up there more than just a couple days. J That’s it for now since she was immunology and didn’t really know a whole lot of what’s going on. Currently . She had questions to ask about infections on either my or dad’s side of the family (dh) so I answered them. J

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  1. Wow, Cindie- It sounds like your little baby has been through a lot since his birth! I had no idea from your post on bbc that he'd been through so much. I hope he starts to get well soon and not have to be on the ventilator anymore. :(